Music. Games. Visions.

The Idea

When classical culture, like classical music is losing its audience, why not pick them up, where they are? 500 years have passed since musical annotations have been invented and many masterpieces have been created during these times.

It is not the interest into music that is missing, but the current approach. This is, what we want to change. How to combine classical treasures with modern media. Beepkultur stands to mix these two worlds with the aim to combine great music and art with new possibilities and turn them into the experience, that they are supposed to be. We find new ways for our cultural treasures, which are too precious to be forgotten. And can prove in passing, that culture can be fun.

Do you find this to be interesting? Do you have such a cultural pearl and are looking for an innovative concept to present it in a contemporary fashion? Talk to us - we’ll find an individual idea.

The Game

A little earworm is having a relaxed life in the head of the musician Jean-Jacques Chérie, until one day the essential music is suddenly missing. General Rest has sucked all music with his old hoover out of this world.

With no music, there is no food for him.

The earworm has to take up action to fight for his life. He travels through the ages of musical history, learns all about musical styles, eras and artists and discovers new developments about music.

Help him through various levels, examine the centuries and discover the language of sound and free the music!

The Creators

Die Macher hinter beepkultur
Portrait: Sarah Nakic

Sarah Nakic

Allround Talent

TV-producer, organisation fetishist, gamer and musician with background in theatrical education. Our wanderer between worlds and always with keen eye how to combine culture and technology. A treasure for any company, but we are not parting from ours.

Portrait: Johannes Brauckmann

Johannes Brauckmann

Wikia’s Videogame Expert

He brings a longstanding expertise in games, overview of the possibilities and technical experience into the mix. And gave birth to this exciting venture with a great idea.

Portrait: Laura Lüdicke

Laura Lüdicke

Soprano and author

She is our creative one. She delivers content, texts and ideas. Thus she is allowed to fuse her passion for classical culture, games in any way into her great and blooming fantasies.


Responsible for beepkultur is the Brauckmann, Lüdicke & Nakic GbR

Theodor-Storm-Str. 7 · 50321 Brühl

You can reach us under   0151 - 40431718 or